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Second Year Graduate Student

Alicia Heitzman obtained their BA in Communications from San Francisco State University in 2014. Over the past three years, they have conducted research in the areas of transgender voice, voice disorders in Ghana, communication habits on social media, respiration, cough and swallowing. Alicia is currently leading a project examining respiration and voice in transmasculine individuals who have undergone testosterone therapy. Alicia is currently a Speech-Language Pathology Master’s candidate at PSU with a focus in medical Speech-Language Pathology.


Second Year Graduate Student

Suzanne holds a BA in Anthropology from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Portland State University. She taught for 18 years in the Portland area and abroad. Currently, she is a speech-language pathology graduate student with a focus on adult medical speech-language pathology. Clinical interests include feeding/swallowing disorders and aphasia. She is collaborating on a project investigating the utility of airflow measure in predicting risk for aspiration in neurologic populations.


Second Year Graduate Student

Karin Nystrom graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2018. Currently a Master's candidate at PSU, she is focusing on medical Speech-Language Pathology. Previous classical vocal training informs her clinical interests, which include head/neck cancer, vocal function, respiration, and swallowing disorders.



1st Year Graduate Student

Qiana graduated from Portland State University with a BS in speech and hearing sciences and a minor in psychology in 2018. She joined the Speech, Swallowing, and Respiration lab in Fall term 2017. She is currently working on a large systematic review focused on behavioral intervention for respiratory and phonatory impairments in individuals with dysarthria due to neurodegenerative disease. Outside of the lab she enjoys fly fishing, cooking, and petting dogs on their walks.


1st Year Graduate Student

Angelica obtained her BS in Athletic Training from Catawba College in 2016. She works as a Certified Athletic Trainer in the industrial setting focusing on injury prevention and ergonomics. She is a current graduate  student at Portland State University and joined the Speech, Swallowing, Respiration lab in winter term of 2019. She is assisting on a project focused on breathing-swallowing coordination. Her clinical interests include adult medical Speech-Language Pathology, TBI, and dysphagia.


1st Year Graduate Student

Eve graduated in 2017 from California State University Northridge with a B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, emphasis in Speech Language Pathology. She is a First-Year Graduate Student at Portland State University. Her interests are adult medical and pediatric Speech Language Pathology. Her future goal is to work with Operation Smile.